Chapter 156: The Preparations Before Swallowing the Purple Flame

Chapter 156: The Preparations Before Swallowing the Purple Flame

Since the day when the Fairy Doctor fell unconscious after consuming poison, the days in the valley once again returned to leisurely and peaceful days. It was likely that the Fairy Doctor was extremely moved because Xiao Yan did not distance himself after knowing about her condition. Now, she had reached the point where there was nothing she would not talk to Xiao Yan about.

From the looks of it, Xiao Yan’s actions which originated from his pity had somehow won the complete trust of the Fairy Doctor. With regards to this, even Xiao Yan felt surprised.

Day by day, the peaceful days in the valley slowly passed by. The Purple Flame in Xiao Yan’s body grew increasingly strong as Xiao Yan persevered through the tough training under the hot sun. Of course, this speed was in large part due to the support given by the Amethyst Essence. Were it not for this magical item, Xiao Yan would require many years before the Purple Flame would be able to grow to this extent.

It was another tough training session under the hot sun when Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes. The strong purple flame persisted in his black eyes for a long while before gradually disappearing.

At the end of this training, Xiao Yan did not stand up and hide from the hot sun like he usually did. Instead, he lifted his head and narrowed his eyes as he stared at the distant huge hot sun. He slowly lifted his hand and softly cried, “Appear!”

As his voice died down, a purple colored flame violently rose on Xiao Yan’s hand. The current Purple Flame not only covered his hand but his forearm as well, extending until his elbow before it gradually stopped. Lowering his head and seeing his arm covered in purple colored flame, joy rushed onto Xiao Yan’s face. He tightened his fist and ferociously struck against the ground. Following an explosion, numerous crack lines originated from where Xiao Yan’s fist came in contact with the ground and continued to spread out until they reached the mountain wall.

“What a strong force.” Eyeing the damage caused by one punch, Xiao Yan could not help but gasp.

“It’s barely passable but the current strength of the Purple Flame has reached the limit of your control. If you continue training like this, a backlash may soon occur.” Yao Lao floated out of the ring, glanced at the arm which was half covered by the Purple Flame and said.

“Indeed, it will soon reach the limit. My control of the Purple Flame in the vortex is obviously not as easy as before. If it is allowed...

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