Chapter 1559: Calm

Chapter 1559: Calm

Xiao Yan felt a different emotion once he returned to the Sky Mansion Alliance. During the few months Xiao Yan had been away, the reputation of the alliance had continued to rise. The alliance had remained humble and patient even after defeating the Hall of Souls, causing many factions to quietly nod in approval. Whether a faction was powerful not only depended on the strength they rebelled against an adversity, it also depended on if they would erode because of success. Fortunately, the alliance had endured their success. Hence, no one doubted their great strength.

There had been no news relating to the Hall of Souls during these past few months. The intense friction from the past had suddenly dwindled, as though the faction that had once stood as the overlord of the Central Plains intended to fade away from the everyone’s sight.

The upper echelons of the alliance remained extremely cautious of the Hall of Souls even though the faction remained quiet. After having exchanged blows with the Hall of Souls for so many years, the upper...

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