Chapter 1558: Change

Chapter 1558: Change

A bright light shot over from the lightning pool in the empty realm. It escaped the lightning pool within a couple of flashes. After which, a figure turned around and looked back. He only quietly sighed in relief after verifying no unusual changes had occured behind him.

This human figure was naturally Xiao Yan, who had quickly left after obtaining the strength of the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning. The process of obtaining the energy had been unexpectedly smooth, so the burden weighing on his heart was only removed now that he had successfully left the lightning pool. A joy that could not be hidden surged within his eyes. He had obtained a rich reward during this trip to the lightning pool.

Not only had he successfully strengthened the Northern King until it was comparable to a six star Dou Sheng, he had even leaped from the initial level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class to the advanced level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. Of course, the greatest reward was the destructive force that he had removed from the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning.

Xiao Yan lifted his hand. The pink flame churned and Little Yi appeared in a flash. At this...

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