Chapter 1556: Gathering Spirits

Chapter 1556: Gathering Spirits

If one were to rank the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning like a Heavenly Flame on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, this lightning would boast a position equivalent to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame or even the Nihility Devouring Flame.

This Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning would only appear after refining a tier 9 golden pill. It was an earth-shaking matter each time this lightning appeared. The world would quiver and even elite Dou Shengs would appear tiny and insignificant under the might of this lightning. Within some of the ancient books, there were records of the unusual natural phenomenons forming when an alchemist, who had reached the peak, refined a tier 9 golden pill.

The most frightening aspect of this unusual phenomenon was the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning. Even an ordinary elite Dou Sheng would be turned into dust if that expert touched it even a little.

Of course, the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning was extremely rare even during the golden age of the ancient era. It had been thousands of years since the Nine Mysterious Golden Light had appeared on the Dou Qi continent. In other words, the tier 9 golden pill had not appeared on the Dou Qi continent for thousands...

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