Chapter 1555: Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning

Chapter 1555: Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning

Within the empty realm lightning pool, Xiao Yan forcefully suppressed the excitement in his eyes after a long while. He looked at Little Yi on his shoulder. The only one who could endure the Black Demon Lightning’s wild and violent energy assault was this fire spirit.

The crystal droplet on the corner of Little Yi’s mouth became even denser when Xiao Yan glanced over. He immediately rubbed his flabby hands on his face and flew forward. Finally, he appeared in the air above a cluster of Black Demon Lightning A circular pink flame that emitted a devouring power spread from his body. Any strand of the Black Demon Lightning that touched this fire circle would meet a suction force that could not be resisted. They were unable to escape regardless of how they struggled. Finally, all of them flew along the edges of the fire circle before entering Little Yi’s small body…


The surface of Little Yi’s body began to flicker with many black arcs after the many bolts of Black Demon Lightning had been devoured. The Black Demon Lightning that entered his body was swiftly refined by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and then turned into an extremely pure...

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