Chapter 1552: Refining A Puppet

Chapter 1552: Refining A Puppet

Zi Yan hurried over in a flash while Xiao Yan was holding the corpse of the northern dragon king. Her eyes were complicated as she glanced at the northern dragon king, whose face still contained a dark, ruthless, and ferocious appearance. She softly sighed. The Ancient Void Dragon had been battered after so many years of internal strife. The disappearance of the Dragon Emperor back then had left the tribe in turmoil, a harrowing problem.

“Fifty to sixty percent of those from the northern dragon island have already been killed by the northern dragon king. This adds to the serious damage our ancient dragon tribe has already suffered. Fortunately, the western and southern islands have not suffered as many loses. This time around, the three great dragon kings have all been killed. No one will be able to stop the tribe from being united.” Zi Yan glanced at the dragon island below, which was still covered in a bloody aura, as she softly analyzed the situation.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. Although the Eastern Dragon Island had been victorious, the price of this victory cost Zi Yan far too much. As the Dragon Emperor, she put the needs of the tribe first....

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