Chapter 1551: Kill

Chapter 1551: Kill

The blood bead whistled through the empty space. Finally, it smashed into Xiao Yan in front of many pairs of eyes. At that moment, everyone’s hearts suddenly tightened…

“No one can hinder this king!”

The scarlet eyes of the northern dragon king stared intently at the point of collision. A wild laugh escaped his mouth, but this laughter had barely started when it was suddenly halted. He was just like a duck who throat had been broken…

“Ch chi…”

Xiao Yan displayed a calm expression that the shocked northern dragon king took in with his eyes. A circular life-like pink fire wave spread from his palm. At the middle of the fire wave was the blood bead, which contained an endless bloody scent, but at this moment, the bloody aura contained in the blood bead swiftly paled as Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame purified it.

“How is this possible? Just which Heavenly Flame is this?”

The northern dragon king immediately roared out when he saw the blood bead slowly rotating over Xiao Yan’s palm. It had not exploded. After the blood bead had landed in Xiao Yan’s hands, the northern dragon king had sensed that his connection...

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