Chapter 1550: Crazy Northern Dragon King

Chapter 1550: Crazy Northern Dragon King


After that extermination-like aura swept out of Xiao Yan’s body, his body lit on fire at this moment. Pink flames covered every part of his body. His skin, muscles, bones, cells… every part of Xiao Yan’s body was filled by a pink flame at this moment.

“Chi chi!”

The pink flames fiercely burned. While the flames wildly spread, his body became crystal clear. It was even possible to see his internal organs through the flames. These internal organs were covered by a pink crystal layer at this moment. The green-red wings on Xiao Yan’s back slowly morphed. Finally, they turned into a pair of huge pink wings. Looking from a distance, it was as though they had been made by transparent glass, appearing exceptionally mysterious.

The extermination fire body was a method of unleashing the energy of the Heavenly Flame to its limit by merging it with one’s physical body. This required almost perfect control of the Heavenly Flame because the Heavenly...

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