Chapter 1549: Extermination Fire Body

Chapter 1549: Extermination Fire Body

The furious cry of the northern dragon king resounded within this blood formation in a rumbling fashion. Finally, it spread into the distance…


The pink flame, which appeared above Zi Yan’s head, swiftly spread after the northern dragon king’s cry sounded. It transformed into a fire barrier that firmly wrapped around Zi Yan. The blood fog spreading around her would emit a hissing sound and disappear upon contact with the fire barrier.

“Northern dragon king, you are indeed the person causing trouble…”

The space beside Zi Yan fluctuated after the fire barrier materialized. Immediately, two figures slowly appeared. These figures were Xiao Yan and Cai Lin, who had hurried over at full speed.

“It’s Xiao Yan!”

Xiao Yan’s and Cai Lin’s sudden appearance caught the attention of those members from the Eastern Dragon Island outside of the formation. Many joyous cries quickly sounded. Soon after, some Elders once again became grave. Although they were aware that Xiao Yan was also an elite Dou Sheng after their last meeting, the current situation was such that even an ordinary Dou...

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