Chapter 1548: Transforming Dragon Demon Formation

Chapter 1548: Transforming Dragon Demon Formation

Yao Ming’s group watched Xiao Yan and Cai Lin suddenly disappear through torn space from the underground network. Their faces were all stunned. They did not understand why the two of them would leave in such a hurry.

“The Empty Realm is the territory of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. From brother Xiao Yan’s anxiousness, can it be that some trouble has once again appeared with the ancient dragon tribe?”

Yao Ming was not a fool. He made a guess after thinking about it. However, he currently had a mess to deal with and was unable to leave. All he could do was pray that Xiao Yan and Cai Lin would be able to resolve the trouble this time around with their strength.

“Hmph, the both of you will fight until you end up seriously injured, which will end up benefitting my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe in the future.” Huang Tian in the sky looked at the spot where Xiao Yan and Cai Lin had disappeared. He coldly laughed in his heart. He quickly ceased remaining any longer. With a cold cry, he turned around and rushed into the distance. The other experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe hurriedly followed upon seeing him leave. They appeared a little dispirited. All of them were clearly...

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