Chapter 1547: Unexpected Change

Chapter 1547: Unexpected Change

Xiao Yan’s was a little absent-minded after seeing Cai Lin’s dazzling smile. He immediately swung his head and recovered. He softly laughed, “Have you completed your retreat?”


Cai Lin smiled. Her narrow pretty eyes slowly swept over Xiao Yan. Her narrow, crescent-like eyebrows were lifted. She asked, “Has your strength grown significantly again?”

“I cannot compare with you.”

Xiao Yan spread his hands. His eyes were a little helpless as he looked at Cai Lin. From the way Cai Lin had appeared, it was obvious that her strength had soared to a relatively powerful level during this retreat. This had left him a little speechless. He had also headed to the bottom of the spring, but he had not found anything unusual about it. After Cai Lin had entered this so-called ‘ordinary’ spring, she had ended up gaining a lot. This blessing really caused one to feel envious.

“Is that so?”

Cai Lin shifted her feet. She carried a tempting fragrance as she approached Xiao Yan. Her pretty eyes slightly flickered. Her long delicate finger suddenly pressed toward Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed. A nine-colored...

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