Chapter 1546: Cai Lin Exiting Her Retreat

Chapter 1546: Cai Lin Exiting Her Retreat

The enormous nine-colored light pillar pierced the sky. Its beautiful luster caused the land to appear a lot livelier…

“This is…”

This sudden unexpected change caused many to feel shocked and stunned. Clearly, they did not understand where the nine-colored light pillar originated from.

“This kind of pressure…” Yao Ming and the other Elders from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe stared at the light pillar with shocked and uncertain eyes. They were able to detect a pressure that originated from within both their bloodlines and souls…


Huang Tian’s enormous Demon Phoenix body was unable to stop in time. It violently collided with the light pillar in front of countless pairs of startled eyes. A loud earth-shaking sound abruptly reverberated across the sky. The sky and land seemed to tremble because of this fierce collision.

“Crack crack!”

After Huang Tian’s full force collision, the nine-colored light pillar cracked. A huge crack line formed as though it was possible to break a light pillar. The surface of the...

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