Chapter 1544: Exchange Blows

Chapter 1544: Exchange Blows

This icy-cold cry was just like a furious thunder as it reverberated through the sky. An uncountable number of shocked eyes looked in the direction this cry originated.

The enormous illusory figure disappeared from the sky where many pairs of eyes had gathered. A black-clothed young man with an ice-cold expression appeared in front of the many gazes. Many exclamations were made like a ripple.

“Xiao Yan? Why has he appeared here?”

“It is rumored that the person the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe wants the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe to hand over this time around is Xiao Yan’s woman. From the looks of it, this really is the truth…”

“Hee, looks like there will be a good show this time around. This Xiao Yan is not an ordinary person. Even the chief of the Hall of Souls was defeated by his hands. Huang Tian has really meet a tough person today.”

“Chi, he is but a mere human. How can he compare to the great Huang Tian? The fighting strength of us Magical Beasts is not something a human of the same level can compare with. This Xiao Yan currently enjoys a great reputation...

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