Chapter 1542: Huang Tian

Chapter 1542: Huang Tian

“What happened?”

Yao Lao by the side was startled after seeing Xiao Yan’s reaction. He hurriedly asked a question.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He handed the scroll in his hand to Yao Lao. Yao Lao received it and frowned. He was aware of the relationship between Xiao Yan and the Nine Serene Depp Ground Python tribe. Moreover, the most important thing was that Cai Lin was still undertaking a retreat at the Nine Serene Spring within the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. The scroll had said that there was unusual activity at the spring. It was likely related to Cai Lin. No wonder Xiao Yan would react with such intensity.

“The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe… what are these people planning to do?” Yao Lao frowned and wondered.

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew the powerful aura that had erupted from him. He had formed a big grudge with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Last time around, he had forcefully captured the Demon Phoenix tribe’s junior tribe chief and two of its elite Dou Shengs and had used them as hostages in order to help the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. These hostages had caused the Demon Phoenix tribe to be afraid of acting recklessly. Although this had resolved...

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