Chapter 1540: Black Bead

Chapter 1540: Black Bead

The Fallen Mountain battle, which had shook the entire Central Plains, had finally come to an end with the defeat of the chief of the Hall of Souls, leaving many feeling that they had not watched their fill. The final result had somewhat exceeded many people’s expectations. The Hall of Souls, a faction that had stood as the overlord of the Central Plains for hundreds of years, had finally met a powerful faction that could keep them in check after having acted fearless and overbearing for such a long time.

The Sky Mansion Alliance, an alliance made up of a couple of large factions, which had not been given high regards by those from the older generations, had begun to rise at a shocking speed after a couple of years of integration!

Moreover, the number of experts gathered in the alliance had also caused some of the old factions to feel ashamed. A Dou Sheng class expert was an ancestor that guarded the sect, but this Sky Mansion Alliance had a total of ten of them. This number had caused everyone to understand that the Sky Mansion Alliance had not simply relied on luck to survive...

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