Chapter 154: Woeful Poison Body

Chapter 154: Woeful Poison Body

Day after day gradually passed as Xiao Yan quietly trained in the isolated valley. Since Xiao Yan had begun refining the Purple Flame, half a month had passed.

During this half a month, Xiao Yan had basically gave up on training his Dou Qi and transferred all of the energy that his body had absorbed from the surroundings into the Purple Flame that was similar to a bottomless pit. As this craziness was prolonged, Xiao Yan’s achievement was also very obvious.

The Purple Flame, which used to be approximately the size of one’s pinkie, had now been enlarged by ten times. Each time Xiao Yan looked into himself and saw the growing Purple Flame, a satisfied feeling would appear within him. At this pace, he would at the very most need another half a month before the Purple Flame would achieve the requirement necessary for him to evolve his Qi Method.

It was another day training under the hot sun. Xiao Yan was seated on the rocks. his clothes had already been drenched by his sweat. After enduring the training under the hot sun for around two hours, Xiao Yan finally exited from his training mode when the temperature in the air was slowly declining,...

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