Chapter 1539: Killing Strike

Chapter 1539: Killing Strike


An enormous fire storm swept across the sky. Its terrifying temperature caused the originally moist land to dry and even began to crack apart. Other than some elite Dou Shengs, no one else dared to step within ten thousand feet from the Fallen Peak…

“The chief of the Hall of Souls has actually been defeated…”

The entire mountain range became completely silent as they watched this firestorm sweep through the sky. After being struck head-on by such a ferocious attack, even if the chief of the Hall of Souls could retain his life, he would not be in a good state. It was likely that the victor had been decided.

A grave expression surged in the eyes of many people after experiencing this thought. The chief of the Hall of Souls had been a renowned peak expert within the Central Plains for a long time. His fierce reputation had caused many factions to tremble upon hearing his name, establishing the Hall of Souls as the overlord of the region. Now, however, this expert, who had once stirred a bloody storm across the Central Plains, had been defeated by the hands of an up and coming member of the younger generation.


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