Chapter 1536: Nihility Devouring Flame

Chapter 1536: Nihility Devouring Flame

Xiao Yan gave the chief of the Hall of Souls, who was floating in the sky above, a deep look. Both of his hands appeared like blooming lotuses as they danced and formed many after-images. Following these hand seals, the cluster of pink flames above his head emitted a swoosh sound as it shot into the sky. Finally, it rapidly wiggled in front of countless pairs of eyes.

A frightening temperature was gradually emitted while the pink flame wiggled. This caused the entire world to feel like a steamer. The mountains of the Fallen Mountain Range would occasionally combust, causing a dense smoke to rise into the sky.

The Dou Qi of some weaker individuals showed signs of boiling. Moreover, some of those experiencing intense emotional fluctuations were startled to discover that their bodies were gradually becoming warmer. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame possessed the unusual ability to use one’s emotions as a source to burn one’s body. This discovery frightened many people into withdrawing. Only after they had exited the bounds of the mountain range did they feel...

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