Chapter 1534: Final Round

Chapter 1534: Final Round


The chief of the Hall of Souls’ expression underwent a change upon hearing these words. Old Man Hun Mo possesses the strength of an advanced five star Dou Sheng. On the other hand, Xiao Chen was merely an intermediate five star Dou Sheng. Given such a gap, it should not be difficult for Old Man Hun Mo to be victorious.

“If it was really so easy to deal with Xiao Chen, he would not have gained such a reputation back then…” Hun Qian Mo replied in a faint voice. Although his reputation had been well-known during that era, it was still lacking when compared to someone like Xiao Chen. If Xiao Chen had not been trapped in an illusion for so many years, it was likely that even he would be no match for Xiao Chen.

The chief of the Hall of Souls frowned. He lifted his head and studied the intense battle. At this moment, Xiao Chen still seemed to be at a disadvantage. At a glance it seemed that he was in a panic while dealing with the combined attacks of Old Man Hun Mo and the Soul Curse Toad.

“Hopefully everything will be smooth...

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