Chapter 1530: Fallen Mountain

Chapter 1530: Fallen Mountain

The Fallen Mountain Range was located on the border between the Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance. Both parties had fought many battles in this mountain range in the past. The battles moved back and forth and could be considered unusually intense.

The name of the Fallen Mountain Range could be traced back to ancient times. It was rumored that quite a number of elite Dou Shengs had ended up dying in these mountains in ancient times. Although this legend had caused many treasure seekers to roam the mountain range many times, they were unable to find any Dou Sheng remains, but the lack of treasures did not tarnish the reputation of the Fallen Mountain Range within the Central Plains, especially when this mountain range was chosen as the spot where the decisive battle between the Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance would be held. The Fallen Mountain Range’s reputation had suddenly soared again.

It was unavoidable that news would spread, but it seemed like both parties had underestimated the shock that the news had generated. Within three days, the somewhat...

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