Chapter 153: Strange Musings

Chapter 153: Strange Musings

Packing all of his things, Xiao Yan left the cave. At this moment, it was noon outside. The blazing sunlight glared, smothering the entire mountain with blistering heat.

After jumping down from the cave and walking a few steps, he coincidentally met the Little Fairy Doctor, who was carrying a flower basket and had just returned from harvesting medicine. At the moment, she wore a green cloth over her head, like a pretty little village girl. Xiao Yan was a little amused, shaking his head and smiled as he greeted her.

The Fairy Doctor smiled sweetly at Xiao Yan, her eyes sweeping across the mountain cave. She was smart enough to not ask any questions, everyone had their own secrets and she was no exception. So, she did not delve deeper into what Xiao Yan did in the cave and pretended she hadn’t seen anything. Xiao Yan did not comment about her reaction, but rather he was instead happy and liked the way she reacted.

“Hungry? I’ll make lunch.”

While strolling to the house along with Xiao Yan, the Fairy Doctor turned her head, smiled cheekily at Xiao Yan when she spoke. Then, she bent down, rolled...

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