Chapter 1529: Challenge Letter!

Chapter 1529: Challenge Letter!

News of Xiao Yan’s return to the Sky Mansion Alliance spread with lightning-like speed. Within less than a day, this news had mades its way across all the territories the Sky Mansion Alliance owned. In an instant, the Sky Mansion had become unusually heated. No one could doubt the reputation Xiao Yan wielded within the alliance...

Although the alliance had engaged in fiery hot battles with the Hall of Souls during these last two years, Xiao Yan’s absence had caused the morale of the alliance to fall, especially for some disciples from the Falling Star Pavilion. That figure had descended like a divine being when all hope had been lost at their most desperate hour. He subsequently reversed the bleak situation with his own strength. The shock that was created from being rescued time and time again had gradually burrowed deep into everyone’s hearts with the flow of time, causing them to feel a heartfelt respect and fear for that person.

Although Yao Lao was still present...

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