Chapter 1527: Imminent Storm

Chapter 1527: Imminent Storm

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, the Gu clan has definitely suffered a blow because of the disappearance of the Shi clan. I might have to return and take a look…”

Xiao Yan looked to the north-western sky from the top of a green mountain. Xun Er’s soft, lovely voice tickled his ear. He felt a little emotional. He naturally understood that Xun Er’s two-year disappearance would have caused a great commotion within the Gu clan, so she ought to make a trip back now that she had escaped. Plus, there was the news of the Shi clan.

“Xun Er, I have promised that I will go to the Gu clan to propose marriage. Wait for me…”

Xiao Yan’s hand gently reached into the air in front of him as he clenched, as though he wanted to grab the figure that had disappeared into the distance. He swiftly withdrew his emotions a moment later before his eyes gradually narrowed. He had managed to grasp an understanding of the present situation between the Sky Mansion Alliance and the Hall of Souls during his journey. The fiery hot fights between both parties had far exceeded his expectations. Currently, neither party would rest until the other had perished. The Hall of Souls had destroyed quite a number of Sky...

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