Chapter 1525: Demon Flame Plains

Chapter 1525: Demon Flame Plains

A fire baby that could unleash the Extermination Lotus Flame, Xiao Yan naturally understood what this meant within his heart. He would no longer need someone to help delay his opponent during a fight in the future. As long as he thought about it, this little thing would be able to create the fire lotus extremely quick.

This fire baby will become Xiao Yan’s biggest aid!

Xiao Yan and Xun Er exchanged glances. They could see some joy in the other party’s eyes. Clearly, the evolution of the Heavenly Flame had exceeded their expectations.

“Yi Wa Yi Wa!”

The little thing played with the Extermination Fire Lotus that was floating around his body. After which, the baby widened his mouth and swallowed the fire lotus before once again extending his flabby little hand to hug Xiao Yan’s arm. He began to rub it again. By relying on the strange feeling he felt, he appeared just like a small pet, which viewed Xiao Yan as its closest kin.

Xiao Yan smiled as he observed this fire baby. His hand gently rubbed the baby’s small head. The baby narrowed his eyes in comfort and continued to cry out joyously.

Xiao Yan softly laughed upon witnessing this reaction. Although...

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