Chapter 1523: Breaking Out of the Cocoon

Chapter 1523: Breaking Out of the Cocoon

The Shi clan was one of the eight ancient clans. Although the Shu clan was not as well-known as the Gu clan or the Hun clan, it was still one of the eight ancient clans and not an ordinary existence. The Shi clan usually kept a low profile and rarely would news related to them spread, but keeping a low profile did not mean that they were weak. This Shi clan was relatively strong when gauged by their fighting strength. The Shi clan was a lot stronger than the Ling clan, which was the first to disappear. There were many powerful individuals within the clan who possessed an extremely powerful foundation.

However, a super faction that possessed such a great foundation had once again mysteriously vanished overnight. Just thinking about the clan’s disappearance was sufficient to cause one to feel a chill within one’s heart.

The Shi clan had disappeared the same way the Ling clan had. Their realms had both been shut before they disappeared. Once the realms reopened, millions of clan members and descendant citizens could not be found. Not one of them re...

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