Chapter 1522: Change In the Central Plains

Chapter 1522: Change In the Central Plains

“Bang bang!”

A high temperature permeated the magma realm as a fire raged and spread apart like a furious dragon. The enormous surface of the magma sea occasionally erupted and formed shocking fire pillars. These fire pillars soon scattered down from the sky like rain.

There was a thousand-foot-large pink fireball around a hundred feet above the surface of the magma sea. Flames fiercely burned while wave after wave of a destructive strength seeped out, causing the surrounding space to slowly distort.

If one’s sight could see into the fireball, it was vaguely possible to see two people tightly entangled together. A golden flame and a purple-brown flame climbed around each figure and blocked that demonic flame, which tried to invade from all possible openings.

The human figures inside the fireball were naturally Xiao Yan and Xun Er. Xiao Yan’s condition was much better after obtaining Xun Er’s help. His body, which had originally turned into a mess, had also borrowed the undying effect of the Three Thousand Burning Flame...

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