Chapter 152: Refining the Flame Seed

Chapter 152: Refining the Flame Seed

“Flame Seed?”

Xiao Yan was slightly stunned upon hearing Yao Lao’s words. He was torn between laughing and crying as he said, “Why do I have the feeling that your words suggest something like rearing an animal at home, waiting for it to grow fat and then slaughtering it?”

“Hehe, it shares the same principle.” Yao Lao nodded as he smiled.

Xiao Yan nodded his head and his gaze stared at the writhing small Purple Flame on his finger which was his only hope of evolving his Qi Methods. The Heavenly Flames were a little too distant for him while this Purple Flame from the Amethyst Essence was just suitable for his current condition and strength.

“How do I refine it?” Xiao Yan sighed, raised his head and asked.

“Relax, this Purple Flame does not have an owner so it will not put up much resistance against you. Refining it into a Flame Seed should not involve too much danger.” Yao Lao said as he extended his finger and placed it on Xiao Yan’s head, “Follow my instructions.”

Feeling the large amount of information that was poured into his mind, Xiao Yan carefully savored it before nodding...

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