Chapter 1517: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint?

Chapter 1517: Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint?

The fire array in the sky blotted out the sun. The two fire arrays appeared like two extremely huge fire plates that covered this realm from above and below. Xiao Yan’s group appeared like ants within these two enormous plates. They seemed insignificant at a glance.

“He actually… is able to control the great array placed by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint…”

Old Man Hun Mo’s eyes were filled with disbelief when he saw this unexpected change. He suddenly recovered a moment later and hurriedly threw his eyes to the slowly rotating spatial tunnel some distance away. That was the path that led back to the Central Plains

“Quick, retreat!”

Old Man Hun Mo involuntarily cried out as his eyes flashed. His body took the lead to rush toward the spatial tunnel. This large array had been created by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint. Even though that ultimate expert, whom even the clan head of the Hun clan admitted he was no match for, still wielded a mighty reputation that was deeply imprinted into the ears of those who had heard about what he had done.

The chief of the Hall of Souls group hesitated for a moment after seeing Old Man Hun Mo’s flee....

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