Chapter 1515: Cattle Herdman

Chapter 1515: Cattle Herdman

The hearts of everyone quivered after hearing the words of Old Man Hun Mo. Many startled eyes looked to that space. Was there actually an expert, whom they were unaware of, hidden there?

“The old demon from the Small Pill Tower?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes also looked in that direction. A thought passed through his heart. Could it be that this Old Man Hun Mo was referring to the mysterious ancestor of the Small Pill Tower? His heart involuntarily rejoiced upon coming to this conclusion. Regardless of the situation, both the Pill Tower and him were on the same side. This mysterious ancestor would likely not feel any enmity against Xiao Yan’s group if he appeared.

“Ugh, I knew that the Hun clan would not play by the rules…”

That space was quiet for a moment as all gazes present focused on it. Finally, it began to fluctuate. An unusually old and experienced voice suddenly remarked. The ripple in the space became more intense the moment this sound appeared. Soon, a bull stepped onto empty air and appeared in this space while it let out a low ‘moo.’


The eyes of Xiao...

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