Chapter 1514: Old Man Hun Mo

Chapter 1514: Old Man Hun Mo

That palm, which originally had no problem striking Xiao Yan, ended up experiencing an unexpected situation. The expression of the chief of the Hall of Soul became gloomy. His eyes glanced at the spot behind Xiao Yan. A person in ordinary clothes was quietly standing at that spot. This person appeared extremely ordinary, but his aura was strange and unfathomable, causing one to have difficulty guessing his exact strength.

“Who are you?” The chief of the Hall of Souls revealed dark and solemn eyes while he cried out. Although he possessed a high position within the Hun clan, the era when Xiao Xuan was alive far too long ago. Hence, it was impossible for him to recognize the person in front of him as the Blood Axe Xiao Chen, who had been quite renowned in the Xiao clan back then.

“Ancestor Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Yan quickly recovered. He quietly sighed in relief after Xiao Chen finally intervened. This ancestor of the Xiao clan had not fought ever since he had escaped the illusion. He merely hid by the side regardless of the intense battles Xiao Yan fought. He would only intervene when Xiao Yan was truly facing...

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