Chapter 1512: Earthshaking Clash

Chapter 1512: Earthshaking Clash

A powerful flame spread over Xiao Yan’s palm as it was thrown forward. It unceremoniously slammed toward Hun Feng’s face.

“With just you?”

An icy-cold smile rose on Hun Feng’s face. He looked at the powerful Heavenly Flame on Xiao Yan’s palm and the corner of his mouth widened. “I have heard that you have merged a couple of Heavenly Flames. Although this might be powerful in the eyes of others, it is not worth mentioning in front of me!”

Hun Feng’s placed his palms together as he coldly laughed. His right palm was suddenly swung forward. He did not dodge. Instead, his right palm made firm contact with Xiao Yan’s palm.


A powerful energy ripple swept apart as both palms made contact. It forcefully pushed back the neighboring two Ban Shengs as space itself became a lot more distorted.

“This merged Heavenly Flames is the what you are so proud of. Today, I will show you how feeble it actually is!” Hun Feng laughed a sinister and cold laugh. An extremely mysterious purple-black light suddenly...

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