Chapter 151: Purple Flame

Chapter 151: Purple Flame

Inside the isolated small valley, Xiao Yan and the Fairy Doctor peacefully lived their lives. One trained hard in Dou Qi while the other intently studied the Poison Book. The two did not disturb each other and these tranquil days were relaxing and fulfilling.

Promoting to Dou Shi was much harder than Xiao Yan had imagined. After training in the valley for close to half a month, although the Dou Qi inside the body became stronger and more cohesive, the feeling of breaking through to the next stage still didn’t appear. To this, all Yao Lao said was to calmly wait, all according to fate’s will.

To Yao Lao’s secretive and deceptive words, Xiao Yan felt helpless. However afterwards, he also gradually stopped training Dou Qi all of the time and would occasionally train his Dou Techniques or learn how to recognise the different strange medicinal plants in the valley under the guidance of Yao Lao.

Due to the temptation of being in a place flush with rare and precious medicinal plants, Xiao Yan started to desire to practice his alchemy. And so, Xiao Yan set aside a small section of time every...

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