Chapter 1509: Reverse Control

Chapter 1509: Reverse Control


A grave expression surged onto the faces of Xiao Yan’s group as they watched these Dou Sheng fire slaves rushing over. A soft cry sounded and he took the lead to pull back. Although there were many Dou Shengs on their side, they would not fearlessly charge forward and block these fire slaves, who knew no pain or fatigue.

Xun Er and the rest hurriedly followed after seeing Xiao Yan withdraw. They did not head to those large groups of people. Instead, they found a spacious location of their own.

“Hmph, some mere fire slaves dare to audaciously claim that they can finish off this chief!”

The deputy hall chief of the Hall of Souls coldly laughed, but he did not appear to panic. Given his advanced three star Dou Sheng strength, he could look down on the strongest fire slave present. Hence, he was not the least bit worried about the ten elite Dou Sheng.

“Deputy hall chief, do not take the initiative to attack. We will fight if a fire slave steps forward. Otherwise, let’s just watch the show…” Hun Feng spoke in an indifferent...

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