Chapter 1505: Illusion and Reality

Chapter 1505: Illusion and Reality

Xiao Yan’s eyes were stunned as he studied the clan tattoo on the forehead of the skinny figure. A great storm seemed to have risen within his heart. Under normal circumstances, he should be the only person within the current Xiao clan that possessed such a clan tattoo. Why had it suddenly appeared on this mysterious person?

“Xiao clan’s clan tattoo?”

Xun Er’s group had also discovered this tattoo. Their stunned eyes were thrown to Xiao Yan. All of them had seen Xiao Yan use the Xiao clan’s clan tattoo. Hence, they were extremely familiar with this thing.

“Could it be an ancestor of the Xiao clan?” Xun Er guessed.

Xiao Yan’s heart shook upon hearing this suggestion. This Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame had existed for a long period of time. If one were to trace its history, it had existed far longer than the Xiao clan had. It was not impossible for this flame to have captured an expert from the Xiao clan during that era. Some joy involuntarily rose within Xiao Yan’s heart, but this joy had just risen when it gradually sank. This skinny man seemed...

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