Chapter 1503: Breaking Through An Obstruction

Chapter 1503: Breaking Through An Obstruction

Xiao Yan’s heart was filled with shock as he stared at the burning cream-white flames on Yao Lao’s body. He naturally understood just how difficult it was to expel the demonic flame that burned within one’s body. If he didn’t possess five types of Heavenly Flames, he would have ended up suffering serious injuries from the demonic flames earlier. Although Yao Lao was an elite Dou Sheng, he no longer had a Heavenly Flame guarding his body. He would be seriously injured if the demonic flames were allowed to invade his body.


Xiao Yan’s body reflexively moved while his heart was feeling shocked. He appeared beside Yao Lao in a flash. After which, his palm suddenly pounded against Yao Lao’s back. A low cry was also suddenly emitted from his mouth.

Xiao Yan had mixed a spiritual fluctuation within this cry. The sound wave that was mixed with this fluctuation was transmitted into Yao Lao’s ear. It violently collided with Yao Lao’s soul, causing his face to pale. His tightly shut eyes were also suddenly opened...

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