Chapter 1501: Shattered Space

Chapter 1501: Shattered Space


Yao Tian’s body stiffened as he stood in the sky. His eyes were filled with disbelief. At this moment, there was an extremely glaring blood-red handprint on his face. Traces of blood slowly flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

The entire sky became completely silent at this moment. Many pairs of eyes had watched what had just occurred with great shock. Their eyes shifted toward Xiao Yan in the distance, whose lips had lifted into a smile. A chill surged within their hearts. The ancient clans were most concerned about their pride, yet Xiao Yan had ruthlessly slapped Yao Tian in front of so many people. This humiliation was a greater insult than just simply killing him.

“You… you dare strike me!”

The silence continued for a moment before Yao Tian finally recovered from his shock. His eyes quickly turned bright-red. He glared at the spiritual avatar in front of him with crazy and savage eyed. An earth-like brown flame suddenly surged out of his body. After which, it formed a huge turtle-like object amid an earth-shaking roar. This giant turtle was covered in sharp fire...

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