Chapter 150: Small Valley

Chapter 150: Small Valley

The Fairy Doctor looked down at the courtyard which had almost turned into ruins and stared blankly. Her pretty eyes were filled with brilliance when she saw the young man carrying the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Her hand gently touched the Blue Eagle’s feathers as it slowly descended into the courtyard.

Briskly leaping down from the eagle’s back, the Fairy Doctor walked to Xiao Yan’s side and threw her gaze toward the place where Mu She was thrown to. She softly said, “How is he?”

“At least seriously injured.” Xiao Yan smiled before abruptly violently coughing a few times. His hand covered his mouth and a moment later, a bloodstain appeared on his palm.

“Are you alright?” Seeing Xiao Yan’s pale face, the Fairy Doctor hurriedly patted his back and asked with concern.

“It is nothing serious. I have only overexerted myself.” Xiao Yan waved his hand in an unconcerned manner. He then faced his palm to the dust filled corner of the wall and pushed. A wind swept away the dust, revealing the ruins under it.

Xiao Yan watched the faintly twitching body under the ruins with indifference. He coughed gently for a few times before he slowly dragged his...

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