Chapter 150: Small Valley

Chapter 150: Small Valley

The Fairy Doctor looked down at the courtyard which had almost turned into ruins and stared blankly. Her pretty eyes were filled with brilliance when she saw the young man carrying the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Her hand gently touched the Blue Eagle’s feathers as it slowly descended into the courtyard.

Briskly leaping down from the eagle’s back, the Fairy Doctor walked to Xiao Yan’s side and threw her gaze toward the place where Mu She was thrown to. She softly said, “How is he?”

“At least seriously injured.” Xiao Yan smiled before abruptly violently coughing a few times. His hand covered his mouth and a moment later, a bloodstain appeared on his palm.

“Are you alright?” Seeing Xiao Yan’s pale face, the Fairy Doctor hurriedly patted his back and asked with concern.

“It is nothing serious. I have only overexerted myself.” Xiao Yan waved his hand in an unconcerned manner. He then faced his palm to the dust filled corner of the wall and pushed. A wind swept away the dust, revealing the ruins under it.

Xiao Yan watched the faintly twitching body under the ruins with indifference. He coughed gently for a few times before he slowly dragged his heavy ruler to the side of the ruins. With a banging noise, the heavy ruler in his hands knocked a broken rock aside and revealed the pale white faced Mu She, who was in a terrible state.

“I’m sorry, but you lose.”

At this moment, Mu She’s legs were already smashed. His pale white face was extremely terrifying and the sound of his breath was becoming weaker until it could barely be heard. It was obvious that he was reaching the end of his life.

“Little Bastard, I have still underestimated you!” A weak choppy voice came from Mu She’s mouth. Although his voice was weak, the hatred did not diminish.

Xiao Yan simply smiled and did not say anything. His eyes remained impassive, showing no sign of pity when faced with Mu She’s current state.

“Brat, if I have the chance in the future, I will let you experience a fate worse than death.”

Seemingly understanding that Xiao Yan would not show him any pity, Mu She’s words did not show any signs of begging for mercy. Instead, it was filled with a menacing killing intent.

“I think that you won’t have this chance again.”

Xiao Yan spoke indifferently. He lowered himself and searched Mu She’s body. A moment later, his hand returned empty handed and he tilted his head to ask, “Where is the Xuan class Dou Technique that you found in the stone box?”

“Ha ha. You are also interested in it? It’s a pity. If I die, you will never be able to get your hands on it.” Lifting his head with difficulty, a dense gloating expression appeared on Mu She’s face. Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, he felt that he may have found something that gave him the right to bargain with the other party.

Inclining his head slightly, Xiao Yan slowly stood up and spread his hands helplessly. He was quiet for a moment and suddenly smiled, “Since it's like this… you can go and die.”

After saying those words, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly became icy. The Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand heavily and angrily smashed toward Mu She’s chest.

Eyeing the decisive Xiao Yan, shock and fear flashed across Mu She’s eyes. He did not expect that Xiao Yan was willing to abandon the enticing Xuan class Dou Technique.

“Let me off and I will tell you the hiding place of the Xuan class Dou Technique. From now on, we will not owe each other anything!” Hovering under the shadow of death, Mu She suddenly shouted.

“Forget about it. Compared to the Xuan class Dou Technique, I dislike being remembered by some poisonous snake like cold blooded animal.” With a thick smile, the heavy ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand mercilessly smashed onto Mu She’s chest.


Following the muffled sound, Mu She’s eyes protruded out while his body violently sunk inward. A mouthful of blood with his crushed organs was wildly spit out.

The eyes staring at the young man were filled with evilness. Finally Mu She’s body slowly softened and the life in it quickly disappeared.

Watching the icy corpse that was crushed under the rubble, Xiao Yan gently closed his eyes and let out a breath. He then turned around and headed toward the Fairy Doctor nearby.

“Let’s go. Mu She is dead. The apes scatter when the tree falls. Without a leader, the Wolf Head Mercenary Company has already been disbanded….” Xiao Yan softly said as he walked to the Fairy Doctor’s side. His face appeared a little exhausted.


A gentle sound responded. The Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes scanned her surroundings and found that the surviving mercenaries no longer had the will to fight after Mu She’s death. They fled in all directions with their pale faces, seemingly afraid that Xiao Yan might kill them.

The Fairy Doctor sighed gently. With the death of Mu She, all the grudges the trio had had also disappeared. She pursed her moist red mouth and said softly, “It should be time to leave…”

Turning around, the Fairy Doctor carefully helped Xiao Yan up onto the back of the Blue Eagle. She got up after him and waved her hand. Letting out an eagle cry, the Blue Eagle slowly swung up into the sky.

The Blue Eagle encircled the sky once before swiftly flapping its wings and flew off. A moment later, it disappeared in the blue sky.


Not long after Xiao Yan and the Fairy Doctor messed up the courtyard, the news of Mu She’s demise began to spread throughout the entire Qingshan Town. With regards to this news, everyone’s faces were filled with shock. This shock turned into horror when they learned that the one who killed Mu She was actually the young man that was chased into the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range.

A young man that appeared younger than twenty had actually managed to kill all three Company Leaders of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. The brutal reality caused most people to feel a little ashamed.

Mu She’s death also served as an announcement of the disbanding of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. Without Mu She’s leadership, this great strength that had acted arrogantly in Qingshan Town had gradually declined into an insignificant strength. This was all because of a young man.

Naturally, the ending of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company did not have any meaning to Xiao Yan. Qingshan Town was only the first step in his training. Perhaps in the future, when his tough training was over, he might occasionally remember this small town that was located beside the Magic Beast Mountain Range. Here, for the very first time in his life, he experienced being pursued by a group of people who wanted his life.


After leaving Qingshan Town, Xiao Yan did not rush to cross the Magic Beast Mountain Range. Instead, he was lead by the Fairy Doctor to a place with extremely dense energy.

Xiao Yan was not unfamiliar with this location. This place was the basin where numerous medicinal herbs grew, He had accompanied the medicinal herb gathering team to its outer region. However, this time around, under the lead of the Fairy Doctor, they had flew through the sky and directly into the inner regions of the basin.

They slowly landed in a small valley in the inner regions of the basin where the density of the energy caused Xiao Yan show an uncontrolled joy. Instantly, his spirits raised.

“What do you think? This place is good, isn’t it? The small valley here is entirely isolated from the outside world and the sky is concealed by a thick fog. Was it not for the time that Xiao Lan broke into here, I’m afraid that I would never have been able to find this strange place.” Seeing Xiao Yan’s surprised face, the Fairy Doctor was pleased and she proudly laughed.

“It is really very good.”

Xiao Yan continued to praise the place as he nodded. His eyes swept across the valley that was filled with a fog of faint energy and was surprised to find numerous types of precious medicinal plants growing in this valley. Whiff after whiff of fragrance mixed with the fog, making people feel refreshed.

“Shall we temporarily stay here for some time? Some of the medicinal plants that are required for some recipes in my Seven Colored Poison Book can be found here…” The Fairy Doctor looked at Xiao Yan, her tone suggesting her intention of discussing the matter.

“No problem.”

Hearing the Fairy Doctor’s suggestion, Xiao Yan did not hesitate in agreeing. Such a good training ground was not something that he could easily come across. In his heart, he hoped that he could be promoted to the Dou Shi level in this place.

Although the valley was isolated and he could only rely on the Blue Eagle to fly him out, Xiao Yan was was not too worried. With Yao Lao and the Purple Cloud Wings with him, he could also fly out if any problems were to occur.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had agreed, the Fairy Doctor also nodded with a smile. She faced the blue eagle and blew her bamboo whistle, allowing it to fly freely. After which, she led Xiao Yan to a corner of the valley. Her slim finger pointed at a straw shed there and said, “This was built by me. We shall reside here during the time we stay in the valley.”

“Haha, it may be a straw shed but with a beauty staying with me, the days should pass by merrily.” Xiao Yan nodded as his gaze swept across the straw shed. When he tilted his head and saw the Fairy Doctor’s smooth face, Xiao Yan could not resist joking.

The Fairy Doctor’s face reddened when she heard his words. She gave Xiao Yan an annoyed but lovable stare before displaying her fist. In a low voice, she warned, “Don’t you dare do funny things because you think I’m weak.”

“Ugh, I don’t want to be poisoned by some unknown poison without me even knowing it.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Hmph.” The Fairy Doctor’s pretty nose wrinkled as she raised her hand toward Xiao Yan and said, “I’ll go and pick some herbs. You can explore the place.” After saying those words, she turned around and headed for the distant medicinal plants.

Xiao Yan turned around and watched the Fairy Doctor gradually distance herself. He smiled and headed in the opposite direction as he whispered, “Teacher, this place doesn’t have any problems, does it?”

“This place has a strange geography. In the outside world, it is very unlikely for precious medicinal plants to grow together on such an extensive scale. And for some reason, the energy here is also very pure, which is perfect for your training.” Yao Lao’s old voice came from inside the ring, “After training for another one or two months here, I think that you should be able to become a true Dou Shi.”

“... Dou Shi…”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps suddenly stopped. He raised his head, observing the thick fog in the sky above as he slowly said, “If we count the time, it has been more than half a year since I left. There is less than a year left until the three year agreement.”

“Ah, then try to hurry. The training in the Magic Beast Mountain Range is reaching its end. Your next stop is the Tager Desert. Haha, the tough training there will be even more arduous and dangerous than what it was in the Magic Beast Mountain range.” There was a gloating tone in Yao Lao’s laughter.

Helplessly shaking his head, Xiao Yan said: “Haven’t I been bearing quite a lot of hardships?”

“Hehe, you can relax and train. The Tager Desert may be dangerous but the snake women there are a specialty of the Dou Qi continent. If you are lucky, you might even be able to obtain a snake woman as a female slave, ha ha…”

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and was too lazy to bother about Yao Lao, who was not acting as befitting of his seniority. He continued to lower his head and studied the surroundings of the valley. In the period of time ahead, he would be staying here and quietly training until he was promoted to a true Dou Shi.

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