Chapter 1498: Reunification With Xun Er

Chapter 1498: Reunification With Xun Er

Xiao Yan lifted his head, which was filled with joy. He saw an intense ripple appear within distant space before a couple of figures slowly surfaced. The person in front was wearing elegant green clothes and appeared as lovely as a flower. Her pretty face displayed a gentle smile. Her black hair was randomly restrained by a pale-green ribbon. It fell down like a waterfall before spread across her delicate waist. A gentle breeze blew over, causing her hair to drift. Her demeanor appeared just like a fairy that had descended to the mortal realm.

Who else could that extremely elegant demeanor belong to other than Xun Er, whom Xiao Yan had not met for a long time…

Two people were following behind Xun Er. One of them possessed a familiar face. It was Gu Qing Yang, a genius within the Gu clan, whose talent and bloodline was barely inferior to Xun Er. The other person was extremely unfamiliar. He was a white-haired old man in blue robes. A warm smile was always maintained on his face. That smile gave one a friendly feeling, but only a person with strong eyesight could...

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