Chapter 1497: Eight Wasteland Destruction Flame

Chapter 1497: Eight Wasteland Destruction Flame

Three figures slowly surfaced from the black fog. One of them was wearing black robes. There was nothing special about his face. He appeared just like an ordinary person as a pair of rough hands rolled from his sleeves, but it was this ordinary figure that caused most people present to cease breathing. Their eyes were grave and afraid...

Chief of the Hall of Souls!

These four simple words held a prestige that no one in this Central Plains could compare with. Even though this mighty name had been accumulated through years of bloodshed, not a single faction other than the new ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ dared to openly display their hostility to them. Part of the reason for this might be due to the Hun clan, but the Hall of Souls also possessed a deterrence that belonged to them.

In the distant past, the chief of the Hall of Souls had once exterminate dozens of sects overnight. Blood flowed like a river that night while corpses were scattered all over the land. Five experts who had reached the second star of the Dou Sheng class had fallen miserably to his hands.

That night established the ferocious reputation...

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