Chapter 1494: Chief of the Hall of Soul

Chapter 1494: Chief of the Hall of Soul


Dark clouds covered the sky. Lightning flashed like silver snakes while thunder roared and echoed across the star realm. At the same time, an overwhelming invisible ripple quietly swept from the mountain like a storm.

“What a terrifying spiritual fluctuation.”

Yao Lao’s group revealed grave expressions as they observed the unusual phenomenon in the sky that had been stirred by the vast and mighty Spiritual Strength. Yao Lao’s eyes revealed an expression of shock. The Spiritual Strength of the Perfect Heavenly State was actually this powerful.

“Now, just Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength alone will be able to fight against a two star Dou Sheng…” The First Elder of the Small Pill Tower fondled his beard and slowly stated.

Some surprise appeared in Zi Yan’s eyes by the side. The Ancient Void Dragon’s physical body was incomparably strong, but their Spiritual Strength was unbelievably weak. Even someone as strong as her still felt a little shaken by such a spiritual fluctuation.

“It is rumored that if one advances to the legendary ‘Di...

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