Chapter 1493: Perfect Heavenly State

Chapter 1493: Perfect Heavenly State

“Crash crash!”

The soul light cluster slowly fluctuated. Wave after wave of clear voices spoke as an unusually pure soul essence poured into Xiao Yan’s soul…

The face of the body that Xiao Yan’s soul had turned into gradually revealed an intoxicated expression after this energy poured in. His soul seemed to have been immersed in a warm light. That feeling was just like a baby in a womb.

Layer after layer of faint mysterious crystals quietly began to appear on the surface of his soul. At a glance, his soul appeared just like an actual person, causing the soul to appear extremely mysterious.

The interior of the soul light cluster contained an extremely frightening soul essence strength. These essence strength was formed after the Hall of Souls had extracted a million souls. Before such a vast and mighty soul essence, even Xiao Yan ended up feeling as though he was extremely tiny…


As more soul essence was absorbed by Xiao Yan, circular waves of invisible...

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