Chapter 1492: Absorbing the Soul Essence

Chapter 1492: Absorbing the Soul Essence

“Those with affinity have the right to obtain any spiritual object in this world. It seems that both you and this soul essence fit each other…”

Yao Lao involuntarily smiled and remarked after watching Xiao Yan use one sentence to resolve the hidden negative emotions within the soul light cluster.

“These people from the Hall of Souls have committed all sorts of evil deeds…” Xiao Yan softly sighed. He waved his sleeve as he put this soul light cluster within his Storage Ring. After which, he looked around him. At this moment, the remaining people within the Man Hall with the exception of the deputy hall chief, who had escaped, had all been killed. Although many of the experts from the Hall of Souls were spiritual bodies that would vanish from the world upon death, there were still many of them who possessed a physical body. Hence, this area was covered with corpses. A rich bloody scent rose to the sky.

A slight ripple appeared in Xiao Yan’s eyes when he observed this scene. He quickly became indifferent. He had seldom engaged in such a massacre, but he would not feel...

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