Chapter 149 : Killing a Two Star Dou Shi (Teaser)

Chapter 149 : Killing a Two Star Dou Shi

Mu She slowly raised his spear as he stared darkly at Xiao Yan who was smiling calmly. Under the encouragement of his killing intent, the Dou Qi in his body began to surge swiftly and violently. On the surface of his body, a pale green Dou Qi slowly escaped from his body, forming a thin green cloak of Dou Qi over his body.

Manipulating the Dou Qi into an energy cloak that was attached to the body was the mark of a Dou Shi. This energy cloak not only strengthened the owner’s defence, speed and attack, it also improved the owner’s absorption of energy from his or her surroundings so that the energy exhausted during a fight would be supplemented. Hence, almost every Dou Shi’s first action during a battle would be to call upon this Dou Qi cloak.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he could barely cover some parts of his body if he tried to summon a Dou Qi cloak. The increase in defence, speed, and offence would also be negligible. After all, a Dou Zhe and a Dou Shi belonged to two different class. The difference between the two was extremely great.

Thus, if Xiao Yan wanted to summon a cloak as thoroughly as Mu She, he needed to first become a Dou Shi.

Watching Mu She who had summoned his energy cloak, Xiao Yan let out a light sigh. A serious expression also gradually surfaced on his face. Regardless of how nice Xiao Yan’s words were, his opponent was a true Dou Shi.

Xiao Yan’s hand tightened its grip on the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Following his...

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