Chapter 149 : Killing a Two Star Dou Shi

Chapter 149 : Killing a Two Star Dou Shi

Mu She slowly raised his spear as he stared darkly at Xiao Yan who was smiling calmly. Under the encouragement of his killing intent, the Dou Qi in his body began to surge swiftly and violently. On the surface of his body, a pale green Dou Qi slowly escaped from his body, forming a thin green cloak of Dou Qi over his body.

Manipulating the Dou Qi into an energy cloak that was attached to the body was the mark of a Dou Shi. This energy cloak not only strengthened the owner’s defence, speed and attack, it also improved the owner’s absorption of energy from his or her surroundings so that the energy exhausted during a fight would be supplemented. Hence, almost every Dou Shi’s first action during a battle would be to call upon this Dou Qi cloak.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he could barely cover some parts of his body if he tried to summon a Dou Qi cloak. The increase in defence, speed, and offence would also be negligible. After all, a Dou Zhe and a Dou Shi belonged to two different class. The difference between the two was extremely great.

Thus, if Xiao Yan wanted to summon a cloak as thoroughly as Mu She, he needed to first become a Dou Shi.

Watching Mu She who had summoned his energy cloak, Xiao Yan let out a light sigh. A serious expression also gradually surfaced on his face. Regardless of how nice Xiao Yan’s words were, his opponent was a true Dou Shi.

Xiao Yan’s hand tightened its grip on the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Following his increased focus, numerous threads of Dou Qi began flowing out of the vortex in his body and flowed turbulently within his body, providing the necessary energy for its owner to fight.

Mu She’s hand slowly rubbed his spear and waited for the Dou Qi in his body to become increasingly turbulent before he suddenly let out a low cry. His feet stomped violently on the ground, shooting his body ferociously forward. The spear in his hand trembled slightly and a couple of snow white illusions of the spear appeared.

The tip of the spear had turned into a white shadow, tricky but ruthlessly shooting toward Xiao Yan’s neck. After the shot from Mu Li’s longsword a short while ago, Mu She could roughly guess that Xiao Yan was wearing a defensive inner vest on his body. Hence, all of his attacks were now focused on Xiao Yan’s head.

Faced with Mu She’s vicious attack, Xiao Yan’s body retreated slightly. He utilized the broad surface of the Heavy Xuan Ruler to block the spear’s attack

“Clang… clang…”

As the two of them moved, sparks flew and a clear clang sounded each time the spear came into contact with the ruler.

Aftering using ordinary attacks to pester Xiao Yan for a while, Mu She finally grasped the latter’s true strength. A nine star Dou Zhe...

Once he had roughly grasped his opponent’s baseline, the corner of Mu She’s mouth curled into a cold angle. As long as Xiao Yan had not been promoted to a Dou Shi, there was nothing to be afraid of.

The tricky spear overcame the resistance from the air and struck out in a lightning like manner while carrying a sharp sound. At the same time, the ruler hurriedly swung horizontally, intending to block the spear once again. However, when the spear came into contact with the Black Ruler, the spear’s body vibrated which resulted in its tip swaying in a manner that it bypassed the resistance of the ruler. Mu She’s eyes narrowed at his success in overcoming the ruler and a coldness flashed in his eyes. His palm suddenly struck forward, hitting on the other handle of the spear and shooting it straight toward Xiao Yan’s neck.

“Bang!” Seeing the tip of the spear that was trickily shot toward him, Xiao Yan’s body hurriedly retreated. His feet stepped on the ground, creating an explosive sound as his body immediately shot out.

“Soaring Wind Steps!”

Noticing that Xiao Yan’s speed had explosively increased, Mu She also let out a soft cry. The tip of his foot gently pressed against the ground and the Dou Qi in his body surged. His body was like a falling leaf under a storm as he shot toward Xiao Yan with extreme speed. At the same time, the illusions of the spear in his hand began to spill forth.

Watching Mu She chasing him without giving up, Xiao Yan frowned. The corner of his eye peeked backwards and realized that he was close to the corner of the wall. A thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s mind as he threw his body forward as his legs sprung backwards. A pale yellow Dou Qi covered his feet just as they were about to come into contact with the wall. He slightly bent his legs and an explosive sound immediately followed. The violent reverse force propelled Xiao Yan’s body outward.

In midair, Xiao Yan carried the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand and made a half circle swinging motion. He then used the ferocious force caused by the explosion and smashed it toward Mu She with an incomparably fierce force.

“Thorn Stab!”

Mu She pressed his eyebrows together at the force that the shadow above him carried. He rotated the spear in his hand and cried in a deep voice. Instantly, a green colored tornado encompassed him. As the tornado spun, the surrounding air seemed to have been ripped apart. The spear was momentarily stagnant before it heavily knocked against the pitch-black Heavy Xuan Ruler while carrying a piercing wind breaking sound.

“Clang!” The clear sound of clashing metal suddenly echoed in the courtyard, lasting for a long time.

It must be said that the difference between a Dou Shi and a Dou Zhe was indeed very great. As a two star Dou Shi, the strength of Mu She’s Dou Qi was not something that Xiao Yan could compare with.

With Mu She using his Dou Technique, he managed to knock the Heavy Xuan Ruler out of the Xiao Yan’s hand following a clear sound.

The black ruler shot toward the sky. Having lost his weapon, Xiao Yan’s face changed drastically as he tried to move his body to snatch it back. However, Mu She simply gave a gloating and cold sneer as he pushed himself off the ground. With the help from his wind attribute Dou Qi which gave him a light body, he swiftly arrived under the black ruler and reaching out his right hand, Mu She caught it.

Just as his hand grabbed the black ruler, Mu She’s face suddenly changed. The black ruler not only pulled Mu She’s body to the ground with its extreme weight but also slowed the flow of the surging Dou Qi in Mu She’s body with its special effect of suppressing one’s Dou Qi.

Having never encountered such a situation, Mu She immediately began to panic. Even his body had also slowed down. Clearly, Mu She was used to having quick flowing Dou Qi and could not adapt to this sudden change.

“Dammit. What a weird weapon!”

The thought struck Mu She and he intended to throw aside the black ruler in his hand like a hot potato. However, Xiao Yan’s body had abruptly appeared behind him and Xiao Yan’s thick cold laughter caused Mu She’s entire body to feel cold. “Go ahead and snatch it. Aren’t you happy you got it?”

“Octane Blast!”

The cold cry in Xiao Yan’s heart prompted a shockingly ferocious strength to appear on his fist. Xiao Yan tensed his fist and carrying the sound from the pressure of a tearing wind, ruthlessly struck at the back of Mu She, whose body had become sluggish.

The powerful force that had suddenly appeared behind him caused Mu She’s face to change. His hand hurriedly released the ruler and the Dou Qi began to wildly rise in his body; the Dou Qi cloak on his body had once again become much denser.

That short instance in time only allowed Mu She to do so much. Before he could thicken the Dou Qi cloak’s defence, Xiao Yan’s attack violently landed on his back.


A muffled sound of bodies hitting each other rang in the courtyard. The sound was soft and deep but it contained the feeling of genuine strength.

The ferocious strength that hit him from behind caused Mu She’s face to suddenly turn white as his body was violently thrown forward. Luckily for him, his palm pushed off the ground as he was about to faceplant and after a doing a few agile somersaults in the air, he finally landed a few meters away, staggering as he did so.

He stabilized his body but before he could turn around and counterattack, Mu She’s face once again changed. Manipulating the Dou Qi, he swiftly transferred his surging Dou Qi toward his back and surround the hidden force that was secretly entering.

Just as the Dou Qi was surrounded the hidden force, Xiao Yan, who was standing a short distance away, lightly called, “Explode!”


Another soft and low muffled sound was emitted. Mu She’s body shook violently and a painful muted yell escaped from his throat. At the corner of his mouth, a glaring bloodstain surfaced.

“What a pity…”

Eyeing Mu She whose wound was not too serious, Xiao Yan regretfully shook his head. Mu She was indeed worthy of being a Dou Shi. He was actually able to discover the hidden force of the ‘Octane Blast’ so quickly. Had he been a little slower in discovering it, this fight might have ended prematurely.

However, it was unfortunate that this guy’s reaction time had far exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations. Within such a short time, he could muster his Dou Qi and encircle the hidden force of the ‘Octane Blast’. When that happened, the explosive strength of the hidden force ended up having a much weaker effect.

Taking two steps forward, Xiao Yan grabbed the Heavy Xuan Ruler that was inserted into the ground. He flicked it slightly and stored it into his storage ring. Shifting his gaze to the terrible expression on Mu She’s face, Xiao Yan could not resist smiling. The beating that this guy had taken this time around was entirely his own doing. This might be called reaping what you sow.

“Good… good.. boy, it looks like I’ve really underestimated you.”

After wiping away the bloodstain from his mouth, Mu She’s face was filled with a menacing expression. It was the first time in so many years that he had been thrown into an embarrassed state by a Dou Zhe. At that moment, Mu She grinded his teeth as he spoke.

Xiao Yan simply smiled and ignored him. His tongue moved, promptly swallowed an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ that he had hidden in his mouth and quickly felt the Dou Qi in his body gradually being recovered.

“Xiao Yan, you shouldn’t be too pleased. I know that you know some high class Dou Techniques.”

The spear suddenly stomped on the ground as Mu She coldly laughed. The Dou Qi cloak on his body slowly began to diminish while the tip of the iron spear began to be covered by layer after layer of thick green Dou Qi.

“But, do you think that I don’t know any?”

Mu She’s palm abruptly tightened on the spear as he sinisterly laughed: “Thanks to you and the Fairy Doctor, the third stone box in the cave had a scroll containing a high class Dou Tehcnique that is suitable for me. Today, I will let you die here.”

Hearing Mu She’s sinister laughter, Xiao Yan’s expression slightly changed. He did not expect that Mu She would actually forcefully open the stone box and risk damaging whatever that was placed in it.

Eyeing the dense Dou Qi on the tip of the spear in Mu She’s hand, Xiao Yan, who was well versed in many high class Dou Technique, naturally knew that this was at least a Xuan Class Dou Technique.

“Ugh…” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head as he let out a soft sigh. His hand lightly skimmed the ring on his hand and the enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler once again appeared in his hand. Since it has come to this, it was only natural that he not hold back.

The Dou Qi on the spear in Mu She’s hand became increasingly dense as he coldly watched Xiao Yan’s action. Finally, the shape of a roaring lion’s head faintly formed within the surging Dou Qi.

Eyeing the Dou Qi lion’s head that had agglomerated on the tip of the rod, joy flashed in Mu She’s eyes while a menacing smile once again surfaced on the corner of his mouth. The spear in his hand sudden gave a strange tremor as Mu She used “Soaring Wind Steps.”

“Boy, today I’ll let you know that the High Xuan Dou Technique that a Dou Shi uses is entirely different from what you, as a Dou Zhe, tries to use.”

Mu She body ferociously pounced at Xiao Yan as he raised his head and yelled, “Wild Lion Chant!”

Following his yell, a huge swiftly running energy lion surfaced on the tip of the spear in Mu She’s hand. Its violent lion roar echoed throughout the small place, causing the face of the Fairy Doctor in the sky to pale.

Lifting his eyes to see the ferocious energy lion that was on the tip of the spear, Xiao Yan’s face became much more grave. He slowly let out his breath and the Dou Qi in his body began to rise. On the surface of the black ruler, a blazing light suddenly began to swell. The high temperature caused the surrounding air to form a blurry distortion.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

The young man’s soft cry caused the temperature in the courtyard to significantly rise. The body of the ruler also grew increasingly bright as its strange lines formed the outline of a mysterious picture on the surface.

When using the Di class Dou Technique this time around, Xiao Yan did not show any lack of strength like he did the previous time. Although with his current strength, he could not even utilize ten percent of the the Di class Dou Technique’s true strength, it was more than sufficient to handle Mu She.

Amidst the red light scattered in the sky, the black ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand suddenly angrily cleaved downwards. A blazing red light light blasted from the top of the ruler. Wherever it passed, it damaged the ground and turned it into a mess. A long and deep ditch spread from below Xiao Yan’s legs toward the Mu She who was charging over.

The intense pressure and high temperature transmitted by the air caused fear to flash in the deepest part of Mu She’s eyes. It was beyond his expectations. In only just two months, the strength of the mysterious Dou Technique that the young man in front of him displayed had risen to such a new level.

Mu She clenched his teeth. In such a situation, he did not have the choice of pulling back because death awaited him if he did. Clearly understanding this, Mu She could only pour all of his Dou Qi into the spear without concern for his life, before smashing heavily with the red light.


An enormous explosion that almost overturned the entire courtyard sounded out. At the spot where the red light came into contact with Mu She, numerous large crack lines appeared and spread out like a spider web until it entered some of the houses. The houses shook slightly and collapsed.

Within the red light, all was quiet. An instant later, a shadow shot out with an explosive force, finally smashing against a wall. The wall instantly turned into debris as smoke spread through the air.

The wind blew passed and scattered the dust. The figure of a young man carrying a Heavy Xuan Ruler gradually appeared.

Seeing that the young man below was safe, the Fairy Doctor in the sky covered her moist and red small mouth, shock in her face.

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