Chapter 1489: Defeat

Chapter 1489: Defeat


A terrifying energy fluctuation crazily spread to the sky. Even the spatial barrier that covered this area had been shaken to the point where an intense ripple appeared. A faint crack line began to vaguely spread…


The storm wildly shook at the point where the two attacks collided. The enormous ring of fire was pushed back as it became more faint, but it still rotated with great speed. In the end, it completely disappeared. A large bone blade flew backwards from the storm the moment the ring of fire had disappeared. It finally landed on a mountain. A frightening force instantly shattered the mountain into complete ruins. The bone blade weakly lay on the shattered stone…

It was clear that both parties were unable to obtain much from this head-on collision. Both suffered some injuries.

“This bone blade is indeed a little mysterious…”

The large fire array above Xiao Yan’s head slowly disappeared. It returned to five clusters of flames that were swallowed by him. His eyes were a little startled as he looked at the dense,...

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