Chapter 1487: Exterminating the Man Hall

Chapter 1487: Exterminating the Man Hall

Behind the somewhat distorted space was an enormous black piece of land. Some dense whiteness occasionally broke the surface of the ground. They were broken bones that revealed a strange chill…

In the middle of this large area stood a quiet black hall. It seemed like an ancient ferocious beast as it crept across the ground. An extremely dark and terrifying feeling slowly fluctuated over this sealed space.

There were countless, extremely large, and rough black chains extending from the large black hall. These chains were inserted deep into the ground. There was a cluster of black fog lingering over these chains. The fog vaguely formed a human shape. Some lusters occasionally flickered over the chains. Finally, they rushed into the black fog and caused the black fog to appear as though it possessed a form…

This entire area appeared unusually quiet. A strange atmosphere covered it, giving one goosebumps.


Such silence continued for an unknown period of time before ten clusters of black fog stood...

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