Chapter 1484: Two Star Dou Zun!

Chapter 1484: Two Star Dou Zun!

The concept of time became extremely blurry within the completely quiet room as a sandalwood fragrance slowly drifted. It was filled with a scent that braced one’s attention. Time quietly flowed by amid this atmosphere of leisure.

Three months—

Xiao Yan sat in his retreat for three full months. Even he himself would not have expected it to take so long, but he had completely forgotten about time in his slumber. He had been submerged in the beautiful feeling of tempering his physical body.

Xiao Yan quietly sat on the cold jade bed within the quiet room. His skin was revealing a faint purple color. It was vaguely possible to see a faint purple-red color under his skin. An extremely powerful fluctuation spread from this purple-red flow.

The glow flickered. At this moment, this glow was spreading around Xiao Yan’s body. Circular purple-red glows spread from his heart and reached every single corner of his body…

This glow continued to flow around his body for three months!

The three months of tempering dyed Xiao Yan’s originally pale skin a purple-red...

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