Chapter 1481: Fighting Desperately

Chapter 1481: Fighting Desperately


A ten-thousand-foot-large firestorm swept over the sky at this instant. Its frightening temperature caused fierce flames to rise across the Eastern dragon island despite it being extremely far away. Some of the weaker individuals were shocked to find that the blood in their bodies had begun to boil…

“What a terrifying firestorm…”

The extremely chaotic battles across the Eastern Dragon Island became quiet when this earth-shaking storm appeared. Many pairs of eyes were filled with a rich shock as they stared at this firestorm that filled their sights. Even someone as strong as Xuan Mo ended up revealing a solemn expression when he sensed this annihilation force.

“It seems to be an attack unleashed by that brat…”

The expression of the First Elder from the Western dragon island suddenly changed. His voice contained great shock.

“What?” Xuan Mo’s and the other First Elder’s eyelids twitched upon hearing this news. Their hearts were filled with disbelief. If they were to get swept into such a terrifying attack, they would not survive, yet such an attack had originated from the hands of that advanced one star Dou Sheng?

“He is indeed worthy of being...

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