Chapter 1480: Three Great Dragon Kings

Chapter 1480: Three Great Dragon Kings


The long dark-golden spear was just like a furious roaring dragon that cut a bright arc in the emptiness before it ruthlessly smashed into the hand of a middle-aged man with a crown over his head. His hand had transformed into a claw. The frightening force shattered a great amount of scales on the dragon claw.

The moment that long spear left that delicate and beautiful figure, another figure began to approach in a ghost-like fashion. An extremely sharp palm wind unhesitatingly and mercilessly slammed toward the beautiful figure.


The owner of that beautiful figure narrowed her eyes when she sense this sneak attack. Her sharp nose emitted a low cold snort. With a shake of her arm, that long spear seemed to be connected to a chain as it was instantly swung in a soul-stirring arc, forming a semi-sphere that heavily struck the sharp palm wind. The powerful force erupted and the two were forced to stagger back before they finally stabilized their bodies.

“Ha ha, it is indeed worthy of being the Dragon Phoenix constitution. Its strength is actually this powerful!”

This failed surprise attack caused the man to involuntarily...

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