Chapter 148: Wreak Havoc

Chapter 148: Wreak Havoc

Watching as more and more mercenaries filled up the courtyard, Xiao Yan faintly smiled. In spite of everything, he slowly walked forward in front of the gathering crowd.

“Sorry, I’m here to wreak havoc!”

“Youngster, you have guts!”

As he saw Xiao Yan’s arrogant demeanor, Mu She’s extreme anger reversed into a smile. With a wave of his hand, in place of the originally shattered front door, a thick and heavy black door unexpectedly appeared from a secret slit. With a boom sound, it completely sealed the exit.

In the wake of the door falling, more and more members of the Wolf Head Mercenaries rushed forth from the inner courtyard and surrounded Xiao Yan with ominous glints on their faces. The weapons in their hands reflected a cold light under the sunlight.

Gazing at the dozens of mercenaries surrounding him, Xiao Yan seemed to somewhat helplessly shake his head.

“Don’t count on me going one on one with you, I will only use the safest method to thoroughly erase you!” Mu Li sneered while staring at the look on Xiao Yan’s face.

At these words, Xiao Yan lightly nodded his head; for Mu She to become the...

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