Chapter 1479: Eruption of a Big Battl

Chapter 1479: Eruption of a Big Battl


Two strong demon-god-like figures suddenly clashed in the sky. A sudden metallic sound was accompanied by a frightening storm as it suddenly swept across the sky. The experts from both parties within a thousand-foot-radius were sent flying by the storm. The blood within their bodies violently flowed in the process.

The wind erupted and that golden light giant, which Xiao Yan had transformed, into trembled slightly. He took a step back. That large man named Xuan Mo on the other side staggered a couple of steps back. Each of his steps collapsed into many dark empty spaces.

“Brat, you do have some ability!”

Surprise flashed across Xuan Mo’s face after he failing to gain an advantage in this collision. His eyes were a little grave as he looked at Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away, and coldly smiled.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over Xuan Mo. His brows were also slightly knit. The strength of the three great dragon islands was indeed powerful. Their subordinates also included such a powerful expert. If Xiao Yan had not relied on the King Kong Glass Body, his strong body that had been refined by many natural...

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